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August 29th, 2009

OK, fellas, really sorry, it's just that the time has been short, very short, lately. Well, to kind of compensate you for the lack of new strips lately, next week, starting onf Monday, will have new strips every day. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up the pace until it reaches the Brazilian chronology.

See you later, alligater.


Take a look at Mages and Witches to know a bit more about how they work in M&B world.


English tips: as you may've noticed, I'm not native English speaker. This means I might have some problems writing particular phrases or stuff, so, if you read something you think I could've written better, please, feel free to email me with your suggestion :)


Magics & Barbarics starded years ago as "The Tome of Edmund". Check out the M&B Wiki entry to know a little more about its previous plot, about the characters ans about the universe and everything else.


Magics & Barbarics is a translation of my original comic, Magias & Barbaridades. If you're able to read Portuguese, you should definetly check it out!

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